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A sustainable future

Come to the Network's museums and help us raise awareness about the need to conserve the planet's biodiversity! Let's make the future sustainable!

Animal world

From the smallest to the largest of all, the museums of the Network are full of animal biodiversity, get to know it through the exhibitions and activities they organize!

At night

Nature has countless secrets that can only be seen when the sun goes down, don't miss them!

Butterflies & Co.

The wonderful world of invertebrates awaits you at the Network museums, discover the power of the tiniest animals!

Dinosaurs & Co.

We know you're passionate about dinosaurs, follow their trail through the museums of the Network!


If you like fossils, you will find all kinds of them in the museums of the Network. Discover them!

Fresh water

Rivers, ponds, ponds, streams; from inland or close to the sea, discover the richness and diversity of these habitats through the museums of the XMCNC.

Mineral world

The colour, the structure, the composition… the mineral world is as diverse as its uses!

Plant world

From fossilized plants and herbariums to visits that will show you the diversity of the country's flora, fall in love with the plant world!

Salt water

Seas that were where mountains are today; fish, molluscs and singular species; salt water is the common denominator in this case, get into it!

Discover the diversity of the animal kingdom in the Network’s Natural Science Museums!

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